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Modern Healthcare

Revolutionizing Healthcare Practice with Cloud-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) &

Practice Management Solution powered by CloudClinik.

The Most Comprehesive

Telemedicine Services

Smarter clinical management, streamlined workflows and seamless virtual connectivity.

Convenient Online Consultation

Virtual Video Conference

connects doctors with patients remotely from anywhere.


conveniently prescribe patients to the right medication.


allows transfer of information for specialist opinion and follow-up treatment.


history securely saved within EMR system for easy access.
Proficient Clinical Workflow

Dual appointment system

for both walk-in and online booking.

Paperless patient registration

to simplify administrative work.

Queue management system

minimizes patient waiting time and reduce admin load.

Billings & health insurance

for easy payment options.
Lab & Pharmacy Integration

Direct medicine dispensing

from pharmacy to automate patients’ prescription.

Medicine stock management

controls & monitors medicine inventory.

Lab test ordering/receival

processes are simplified.

Pathology/Radiology report

uploaded on EMR system for easy access.
Smart Cloud-based System


access to patient information or clinical data from any smart device.

Security & backup

system ensures healthcare data confidentiality & integrity

No software/ hardware investment

for quick & easy implementation.

Powered by CloudClinik App

to support both patient journey & doctor workflow.

CloudClinik App: Healthcare Anywhere

Simplifying clinical management Across patients, doctors & nurses

Manages patients appointments (online or walk-in) with quick, paperless registration process.

Organizes patient que in real-time. With virtual que settings, patients can check-in once they arrive at the clinic to reduce waiting time.

Supports e-consultation via video conference. Equipped with patient charting interface for doctors to record diagnosis, e-prescription and make other medical notes.

Links with lab and pharmacy systems to automate lab test ordering and manage medicine dispensing efficiently.

Stores patients medical records, diagnostics, image, and other attachments for future access.

Generate billings and connects with pre-registered panel/insurance companies to smoothen payments.




Lives Transformed







Clinic’s Top Choice For Healthcare Solutions

Quickest Installation

Based on our experience, one SMF Medical Center can go live with CloudKlinik in 2-4 weeks positively.

Data Security & Privacy

Patients data is hosted at one of the finest quality of dalo centers ensuring complience with HIPAA, the industry standard guidelines for data privacy and security.

No Upfront Investment

EMR is offered as fully managed SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution requiring no upfront investment in software licensing or hardware infrastructure.

Scalability & Adaptability

EMR can be scaled up to chain of multiple clinics and healthcare facilities with no hassle and can be connected with existing sites keeping patients database centralized.

Support & Maintenance

EMR ensures the highest level of support and services to clinics resulting in enhanced productivity and patient care.

Standards & Best Practices

ICD-10 AM Disease Coding standard for Diagnosis
CPT4 coding for Procedures
LOINIC Coding for Lab/Pathology
Approved Drug Database
HIPAA / GDPR Compliant for Patient Data Security & Privacy
Integrated with Payments Gateway for online payments
Integrated with SMS Gateway for notifications

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CloudClinik Appointment

CloudClinik appointment management system is a cloud based application expertly built for healthcare professionals to enhance productivity through medical appointment management and scheduling.

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CloudClinik EMR

CloudClinik is an internet-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Practice Management system specially designed to address the problems faced by doctors in a user-friendly manner.

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CloudClinik Telemedicine

CloudClinik Telemedicine is a next generation digital healthcare platform that connects doctors with patients and enables patient care via video consultation. CloudClinik telemedicine platform enables doctors to consult the patients remotely.

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