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CloudClinik is a digital healthcare platform that provides doctors & healthcare facilities with an opportunity to interact & consult their patients through our state-of-the-art EMR & Telemedicine Technology. It manages a suite of activities to automate your clinical workflows freeing up time for better patient care. CloudClinik enables you to schedule and track appointments, access patient medical history, write E-Prescriptions, send e-referrals, conduct online consultations, process billing/insurance and save documentation to get your practice paying more with minimal manual work.


  • Fully integrated EMR, Practice management & Telemedicine Platform fully compliant with MOPH regulatory framework
  • Cloud based, 24/7 availability, anytime, anywhere !!
  • Easy monthly payments, no upfront investment in hardware or software
  • Unlimited SMS & Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Free maintenance & support
  • Free Updates, new builds, new features & enhancements
  • Free Data Migration
  • SMS based marketing & awareness campaigns
  • User-friendly for Doctors, Patients and Paramedics alike. Mobile Application & Patient Services Portal for Patient interaction

Improves Patient Care, Patient Record Maintenance & Operational Efficiency.

Are you ready to embrace the new normal during COVID-19 times?