CC16-CloudClinik Telemedicine (PK)

CloudClinik - Healthcare, Anywhere!

CloudClinik Telemedicine


CloudClinik Telemedicine is a next generation digital healthcare platform that connects doctors with patients and enables patient care via video consultation. CloudClinik telemedicine platform enables doctors to consult the patients remotely through secure, high quality video connection. CloudClinik Telemedicine platform comes with powerful EMR to takes notes, generate prescriptions and save patient medical history and vitals.



  • Enables patient/doctor interaction from remote locations
  • Convenience and time saving for both doctors and patients.
  • Extending practice reach for medical practitioners through virtual consultation.

CloudClinik Telemedicine Features


  • HD Video consultation.
  • Secure access to patient data from anywhere enabling remote consultation and second opinion.
  • Software framework connects remote doctors, specialist doctors and nurses with patients.
  • Easy and secure file/images/ data sharing online for accurate diagnosis.
  • Fully integrated with CloudClinik EMR & CloudClinik Booking.

Based on the latest Web RTC technology, setting up the service, requires a

  • Quality Network Connection
  • A Laptop
  • A HD Camera & A Mic